Programs Overview

Please note that program offerings vary between fall, spring, and summer semesters. To learn which programs are available, visit our online application form by clicking the button below.


Program Description: Once or twice weekly meetings where parents stay and play! Lots of child-led discovery and opportunities for connection and community. Plenty of water and bubbles, sensory experiences, nature walks, story sharing, and imaginative play!

Ages: 1-5

Parent Participation: In this program, parents participate alongside their children and share in all the experiences!

Seedlings Parent Roles

Parents are also required to assist the playworkers in cleaning on a rotating basis. Once enrolled, a sign-up sill be sent out.


Program Description: Lots of child-led play paired with opportunities to explore art, music, and our natural world.

Ages: 5-12

Parent Participation: Parents are required to sign up and commit to helping at registration

Read the Parent Helper Guidelines here

Parent Participation: Drop-off optional program and parents are on a parent-helper rotation with “pay out” option for those who cannot or chose not to stay.

Dual Seedling and Wilding Program

Program Description: The Perfect Mix of both programs for families with all ages.

Ages: 1-5 and 5-12

Parent Participation: Parents will stay with their Seedlings and rotate helping with Wildings.

Artful Play Camp

Program Description: This camp will focus on free art exploration with an emphasis on individual artistic discovery. A variety of materials will be explored. Techniques covered will include drawing, painting, fibers, and mixed media. Students will be encouraged to explore their own artistic vision and create meaningful work in a group setting.

Ages: 5 and up

Parent Participation: N/A